Adrian Dix Scholarship

Each year Adrian is proud to personally offer two “Adrian Dix” scholarships for outstanding graduates of Gladstone and Windermere Secondary Schools.

I’m delighted to announce this year’s Adrian Dix Scholarship recipients. My warmest

congratulations to Loren Roberts and Timothy Ta from Windermere Secondary and Felicia Chung and Tammie Liang from Gladstone Secondary.
You’ve reached this incredible milestone and you should be very proud of your wonderful achievements. It’s been a challenging year — I want to thank you and your classmates for the sacrifices you’ve all made to keep your loved ones and community safe. All the very best to the Class of 2021 in your future endeavours!



2021 Loren Roberts / Timothy Ta Felicia Chung / Tammie Liang
2020 Haisha Beauvoir / Marc Angelo Castro Anna Dinh-Le / Mady Nguyen
2019 Kelly La / Michael Zheng Hazel Panglinan /Ken Liang
2018 Gordon Leung / Selena Shew Brandon Lowe / Victor Wu
2017 Kylie To / Shawna Turai Zoe Tucker-Borrut /Anita Hsiao
2016 Michelle Phan / Justin Naorbe Pooja Patel / Monica Rosa
2015 Liam Polozzo / Minisha Owan / Philip Dumagpi / Vinnie Barati Jennifer Phi /Johnny Yang
2014 Jackie Sarvini / Anita Feng Raymond Au / Priyanka Prabakaran
2013 Wilson Wu / Gurleen Pooni Natalie Leung / Erika Pan
2012 Edrick Dudang Annet Yanken /Pauline Young
2011 Loren Catotal / Howard Wong Andrew Leung / Lisa Wu
2010 Amber Bhangoo / Puneet Riar Julianne Keu / Stephanie to
2009 Ezra Park Jennifer Siu / Vivian Tam
2008 Sharan Pawa Paolo Carreras / Mandeep Sahota
2007 Rachel Chee