In the Community

Vancouver-Kingsway is a diverse and vibrant community. Bordered by Grandview Highway to the north, Boundary Road to the east, East 45th and East 41st Avenue to the south, and Nanaimo Street, Kingsway, Victoria Drive, Rupert Street, and Commercial Drive to the west. Almost 80 percent of Vancouver-Kingsway’s residents are visible minorities with many community members of Chinese, Filipino, East Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, English, Korean, German, Scottish, and Salvadorean ancestry.

Many of our community’s gatherings, celebrations, fêtes, and jamborees express that spirit of community and generosity. In autumn, Still Moon Arts Society hosts the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival, a community-centred artistic event that also nurtures environmental stewardship. There is floating lantern art, ethereal music, surprise performances, crafts, and walking meditations. Owing in no small part to their work, the Renfrew Ravine remains a tranquil refuge for birds and commuters coming home via 29th Avenue Skytrain Station.

The bright spirit of Vancouver-Kingsway (or Renfrew-Collingwood) is due in part to the volunteerism and dedication of community members, service providers, and local organizations all across the neighbourhood.

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