Statement on Green Shirt Day for organ donor awareness

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April 07, 2022

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, has issued the following statement in recognition of Green Shirt Day, April 7, 2022:

“Green Shirt Day for organ donor awareness highlights the need for registered organ and tissue donors, encouraging more people to make this important choice to improve access to life-saving and life-transforming transplants.

“Our government and BC Transplant are committed to raising awareness and sharing information about the need for organs so that more lives can be saved and improved, giving more families the precious gift of time with their loved ones.

“After the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, Logan Boulet succumbed to his injuries. Because he had registered as an organ donor, he gave the gift of life to others, inspiring thousands of people around the world to register as organ and tissue donors.

“Logan Boulet’s family, the Canadian Transplant Association, BC Transplant, donor families, transplant recipients and health-care providers carry on Logan’s legacy by encouraging everyone to wear green on the anniversary of his donation.

“In 2021, 75 living donors and a record 150 deceased organ donors gave the incredible gift of life in B.C. Organ donors helped many people waiting for a transplant receive an opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.

“In support of the hundreds of people still waiting for an organ transplant in B.C., I encourage you to take two minutes and register as an organ donor and communicate with your loved ones about organ donation and your decision:

“On behalf of the provincial government, I thank those who have become organ donors and those whose selfless, generous acts have helped others.”